Call outs to unplanned faults such as broken light fittings, faulty switches – the things that you hope doesn’t break! We also quote and carry out planned electrical work such as LED lighting upgrades.
Emergency call outs for unplanned issues such as leaks, blockages – the nasty stuff! Planned work such as replacing sinks, taps, general upgrades.
Air Conditioning Service & Repairs
We carry out repairs and servicing for air conditioning as well as replacement units.
Remedial Work
Remedial work is usually a list of repairs that has been recommended following a service, this could be anything from fixed electrical testing remedials to legionella remedials.
Lightning Protection Services
Once a year all lightning conductors and earth grounding installations are inspected and tested. Remedial works may be required following testing if the system is not at the required standard, we provide a quotation for this and are able to…

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