Fire Alarm Testing
Annual contract for fire alarm tests (2 x 50% tests 6 monthly) to check that the fire alarm is in working order and identify any issues. Call outs available for any fire alarm issues whilst in contract with us.
Emergency Light Testing
Emergency light testing frequency may vary, but generally sites have this carried out on an annual basis. This particular test is a 3 hour drain down test. Power is turned off to check that the emergency lighting activates and stays…
Fire Extinguisher Service & Replacements
Annual servicing of all fire extinguishers and blankets to check the condition and age of the equipment. Replacements of all extinguishers and blankets are available.
Fire Risk Assessments
A site survey to review a building in order to assess its fire risk and offer recommendations to make the building safer, if required. We also offer reviews of risk assessments.
Fire Door Replacements
Repairs and replacements of all types of fire doors, internal and external.

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